Morris Chang says happy for Ri

MediaTek’s (2454-TW) co-CEO Rick Tsai was awarded the honorary doctorate of National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) today on May 2nd. Morris Chang, founder of TSMC, said in his speech that he is happy for Tsai, for NCTU, and also for Taiwan's semiconductor industry and Tsai truly deserve it. In addition, He also told that the Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is very precious and should be cherished by the society. It is a miracle to be able to achieve its present status and wish Taiwan’s semiconductor industry to continue its success in the future.

Chang told that he attended the ceremony with full of joys. He is happy for Tsai, for NCTU, and also for Taiwan's semiconductor industry. He pointed out that Tsai made a great contribution for Taiwan’s semiconductor industry. When Tsai returned from the USA in 1989, TSMC was only 2 years old, and the second plant (6-inch plant) was just built. Tsai served as the deputy director of the second plant. During that period, TSMC grew very fast.

Chang continued and said that in 1992, TSMC built a new 8” plant, the third plant. Then the company quickly built the fourth plant (8-inch plant). The technology of the two 8-inch plants is much more advanced than that the 6-inch plant. However, Tsai completed on schedule and did everything well. He made great contributions during the period. On the other hand, Mark Liu, current chairman of TSMC, also entered TSMC and served as the manager of the fourth factory.

During the speech, TSMC founder Morris Chang admired Rick Tsai for overseeing great and multiple responsibilities throughout his years as the CEO of TSMC. Thus, He believed Tsai deserved to be awarded the honorary doctorate from National Chiao Tung University(NCTU).

He mentioned the two honorary doctorates issued by the NCTU in 2017 were both not from the Taiwan semiconductor industry sector.

Last year January, TSMC Vice Chairman and co-founder, Fan-Cheng Tseng was awarded the honorary doctorate from National Tsing Hua University (NTHU). Dr. F.C. Tseng, along with Rick Tsai are two of the few honorary doctorate award-owners with semiconductor industry background.

Cheng hopes that Taiwan semiconductor industry can be appreciated by the Taiwanese society. 'Our semiconductor industry is a miracle’ Cheng said during the ceremony.

He pointed out the semiconductor in Taiwan started from scratch decades ago. Back then the technology was not enough to achieve the packaging, and we were lack of wafer and IC design areas.

Cheng stated again that Taiwan semiconductor industry is a miracle, and the fact that it developed to a global scale nowadays. He urged the industry to sustain its leadership in the global semiconductor industry.